Best Moment Award~

Ami of the blog AMI20121 has nominated this blog for the Best Moment Award.

RULES of the Best Moment Award:

Winners re-post this completely with their acceptance speech. This could be written or video. Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awards! The re-post should include a NEW set of people/blogs worthy of the award; and, winners, notify them the great news!


  • What makes a good acceptance speech?
    • Gratitude. Thank the people who helped you along the way
    • Humour. Keep us entertained and smiling
    • Inspiration. Make your story touch our lives
  • Get an idea from the great acceptance speeches, compiled
  • Display the award’s badge on your blog/website, downloadable


Jul C is overwhelmed and very honoured to be nominated for the Best Moment Award by Ami! Please do visit and follow her blog at AMI20121 as she shares with you her experiences, opinions, interests on the things & places she likes and not forgetting her fashion outfit styles~ p.s: She’s pretty too! Thank you so much Ami!

Started this blog recently in June, through my passion, I hope you can find inspirations from it. Didn’t expect to be able to get such awards. It’s very encouraging and motivating to be known especially when I see likes and followers adding on. I am really happy~ 🙂 A very big thank you to every one of you! ♥

My nominees are:

-Jul C loves-

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2 thoughts on “Best Moment Award~

  1. Thank you! 🙂

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